Dear Readers,

Welcome to The Foxy Dad.

You might be wondering what the why is behind the title, “The Foxy Dad.” Yes, I feel like I’m a decent looking guy, but it really has to do with two things – one, my last name is Fox, and two, I am a dad of two beautiful girls. And it is really that second part of the name of this site that has inspired me to embark on this adventure.

It’s 2017, and being a dad has become more and more complex. Fatherhood itself has not changed, but society certainly has. That brings me to a quote from South Carolina Gamecocks men’s basketball coach, Frank Martin, that I just can’t stop thinking about. His seventh seeded squad is locked up against a number one seed, Gonzaga, in a Final Four matchup as I write this, so he’s certainly onto something here:

As a dad and an educator – by the way, I am a Dean of Students at a large comprehensive high school in the Portland, Oregon metro –  I have seen this change in adults firsthand. I’ve seen it in my friends, colleagues, the parents of the students we serve, and in myself.

I think it is natural for parents to want to bail their kids out of tough situation though. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Southern California, but also lived in Jordan and Singapore. My dad was a Marine, and I joined the Marines right after high school. I am also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Growing up, we weren’t in need, but we didn’t have a lot of extra either. Today, as a father, I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have, and protect them from the things that I had to see and experience. And therein lies the rub. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for those things that I saw and experienced.

So, how do I balance being a “good dad,” while at the same time allowing my kids to develop the skills and traits, like grit and determination, that they need to be successful in life? I believe I know the answer, but the challenge is in the follow through.

Through this site, I will let you in on my personal challenge to becoming a great friend, employee, husband, and dad. Maybe through this process, we can learn from each other, and there is certainly a lot to learn. With that said, let me add just one more quote that pushes me everyday, and it comes from Virginia Cavaliers head football coach, Bronco Mendenhall:

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Again, welcome, and I look forward to our journey together.


The Foxy Dad