Wrapping Up Spring Break at McMenamin’s Edgefield

I am still working on Part 2 and 3 of A No-Kid San Francisco Getaway, but we did have a short stay at McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. We absolutely love this place. My wife and I got married here seven years ago, but we have been coming to Edgefield for over a decade and will continue to do so in the future. If you’ve ever been to any McMenamin’s property – they’ve got fifty-seven and growing – you’ll know their service is “laid back.” And by that, I mean it can be kind of slow. We’re good with that, as long as we order our kids’ food right after sitting down. Thankfully, McMenamin’s has fantastic beer, wine, and spirits that they create with revolving guest taps in certain bars. Their food is also always improving. Hard to beat the Cajun tots.

Here’s what we else love about Edgefield:

  • competitive hotel room prices – call in even if their online reservation system says no rooms are available
  • nine bars and restaurants – our favorite is the Little Red Shed with its fire pits and new gazebos
  • a salt water soaking pool heated to 102 degrees at Ruby’s Spa
  • live music on an almost nightly basis, and many of them are all-ages welcome
  • a movie theater that has first-run movies that typically costs less than your franchise movie theater – and you can order food and beverages to consume during the movie
  • lots of outdoor seating and fire pit areas – you can bring food and beverages throughout the complex
  • two par-3 golf courses

Lastly, and this deserves its own paragraph – our kids run around like bats out of hell and no one blinks an eye. We bought a kite in the gift shop, ran down to the concert lawn, and got that sucker to the sky.

After a trip to San Francisco and a quick trip to McMenamin’s Edgefield, I’m ready to relax, at least as much as a day with a 3-year-old and six-year-old can.

Shoot, it’s my wife’s birthday today.